I Will Never Understand

I will Never Understand

How A Person can be so Heartless and leave what was broken...broken.

If You Cared about someone so much you would fix it....

yet..people now are monsters....they can tell you they care

the next thing you know You Got A Knife Deep Into Your Back.

Then you got the boy or girl that says they love you...

but ends up telling four other girls or guys the same thing.

I Believe in Fixing the things that are broken.

not just throwing them away.

I Try so hard to make everyone happy

but...now its just not the same...

The world is Crumbling and we are now focused on perfection...and beauty and acceptance

more than the Finances of our own nation....

We have those who are trying to outlaw abortion when really....

they need to fix themselves...

we have religious idiots who tell me what to believe in and hand me a book of rules.

with 10 things i have to go by Yes....people like me still exist...If we Live in a world of imperfections

why do people think they are perfect?

if we live in a world of happiness

then why are there people who hate and are sad?

I will never Understand.

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