A Day Of Reflection

The sixth amendment is very clear on what the accused’s rights are, one of which is the right to confront their accuser. In this particular trial, the Senate and congress are both judge and jury unlike every criminal trial. Also, in this particular trial the president is only facing possible impeachment and nothing more so it seems to me the 6th amendment wouldn’t apply only because really this trial is no different than a panel of a business or entity investigating and voting on firing somebody because really that’s all an impeachment is (a job termination). Does the 6th amendment—particularly the right to know who your accuser is—still apply in this situation? Why or why not? Serious question. I would like to imagine it should apply only because if it didn’t, we’d get the Salem witch trials all over again but...then again, the sound was of government officials and politicians burning and stoning each other actually sounds appealing

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I like your comparison of

I like your comparison of impeachment to the process leading to job termination in the corporate world.


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