I Remember

I remember

Milk delivered in quart jars

to our front step

I remember

Watching Crusader Rabbit and Rags,

Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Greenjeans

On a black and white Dumont TV.

I remember

Warming water on the stove

so us kids could take a bath.

I remember

Taking a quarter to school to collect stamps

to get a Savings Bond.

I remember,

Hunting pop bottles with a girl friend

for the 1 or 2 cent deposit so we could split a Fudgecicle

I remember,

Cokes for a nickel served in small bottles

That you got from a chest with bars that held

The bottles to prevent them from being stolen.

I remember,

Cigarettes for 25 cents a pack

I remember

Gas wars where we pumped gas for 17.9 cents a gallon

and kerosene for 18.9.

I remember

When it wasn’t a gas station,

But was a service station

Where you got your windows washed,

Oil and fan belts checked, tires filled with air

and your car vacuumed.

I remember

Top Value stamps and S&H Green stamps that mom would fill books with

To trade for an electric iron.

I remember

When my girl friends and buddies could walk miles

To Dream Lake to swim and not worry about being abducted.

I remember

Diving under desks during Atomic Bomb attack drills during the cold war.

I remember

Watching, waiting, and holding our breaths, as Kennedy stood eye-to-eye

with Krushev, the Russian Bear, over Missiles in Cuba, and the bear blinked first.

I remember

The horror’s of the Viet Nam War.

The beatniks, peaceniks, and hippies.

I remember,

Watching with pride as the 1st man walked on the moon.

I remember

Pan Am and the Super Constellation Air Plane, to planes

that fly higher and faster than ever imagined.

I remember

As two great towers, with thousands of innocents were destroyed

By terrorists and the start of a war that may have no end.

I remember

When this nation was a God fearing nation.

I remember.

In my years I have seen history made

And Dr. King’s “Dream” start to take root and grow.

I grimace in pain as our nation takes every chance,

out of political correctness, to move away from

the God of our founding fathers as they interpret

the constitution’s “Freedom of Religion” to mean

“No religion”.

As a christian, it is time for the silent majority to say,

“Enough!” Our country was founded on christian

Principles and those who are non belivers in God,

Allah, or whatever name you wish to give our creator,

You have one freedom, most around the world, do not have.

You have the right to leave and find a place that

Also does not believe in a God or the hereafter.

I choose to believe in a God that loves me enough

to allow his son to come into the world as a sacrafice

for our sins that we may be forgiven.

But let me say this, “Even though you don’t believe,

God Loves you.”

Freedom is an illusion. There are limits.

In a democracy, those limits are defined by the majority,

and it is time for the majority to put their foot down

to stop the tail from wagging the dog. It is time

to let our voices be heard or the very freedom

that we cherish will be lost forever.


I apologize if I have offended anyone. For some odd reason, I felt moved to write this message. God Bless you all.

By huck hickson

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