You Go Girl

Hello darlin'

It has been a while

Where've you been?

How are you child?

I hear you finally left

that worthless man

Who opened such a cleft

You could no longer stand

He thought you the fool

captive to his every whim

Jumping barstool to barstool

At last you are showing him.

The flame you once had

He successfully doused

That is just too bad

For that louse.

I see you as a woman

full of passion for your man

How he could turn his back on that

I just don't understand.

The grass may be greener

on the other side,

but without care and nourisment,

It too will soon die.

May you find a love

that puts no one above

who can match you

passion for passion

and give his heart too.

It has been a long time coming

It won't be long,

Your Knight in shining armor

Oh so strong

will pick you up

cover you with love

this I pray for you to

the lord above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For snowmansmom. That true love finds her and gives her the life she deserves.

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