My Son Needs a Father

Yes, my dear, it was a lifetime ago.

Our love was fresh and pure

As the new fallen snow.

The thing I most miss,

Is wrapping you in my arms,

and the kiss.

Every moment with you

was a God given gift,

and Making you laugh,

gave my heart a lift.

Now that I am gone

I hope you know I love you

and want you to go on.

You now have a little one

a sign of my love for thee,

so you must be strong

For he is a little me.

Leaving you and him

was the hardest thing I had to do,

Cause I wanted to spend eternity

with you.

But, God knows best,

so here I am

Building a home

and watching over you madam.

So please, don't fret over me,

It is pretty nice up here, see?

If it won't be too much bother,

find my son a good father.

I don't know how or who,

Find one that loves you both

the way I do.

You must not let my being gone,

Make you go through life alone.

I love you honey

I will wait for you here.

Please don't rush on account of me,

this place is great and has good beer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Response to My Heart Will Never Forget by Snowmansmom.

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