Joe, I have decided

To throw caution to the wind,

If the clique don't like it,

I just won't be their friend.

I am going to ask her to the


Just have to take the chance.

She may turn me down flat,

I have to know where her heart is at.

I know the risk I take,

But, if I don't, myself I will hate.

Back me up, it is the least I can do,

I would do the same for you.

Miss..Miss. I have watched you from afar,

I wanted to ask, would you like a lift in my car.

{Oh God what a dumb line.

If I were her I would kick my behind}.

~ ~ ~

For the first time

He's looking straight at me

His eyes are sparkling

and he's smiling so sweetly

I do believe he's coming over

He's going to speak to me, but wait

His friends are booing at me

Their taunts are filled with hate

He stops and looks back at them

Now he's turning, Oh can this be

His friends stare in total shock

As he stops in front of me

Would I go for a ride with you?

You mean alone, just you and me?

I'm sorry, but what would my friends say

If by chance they should see?

~ ~ ~

So what if they see?

It doesn't bother me.

I am willing to give it a whirl,

Cause I believe in you girl.

I am just offering you a ride,

No strings attached,

By that you can abide.

Straight home, less you would rather walk,

But I would like to get to know you,

So it would be better if we talked.

I know we run with different crowds,

But I am tired of the uppity and loud.

That's not to say that you all aren't swell,

I see I am just digging a deeper well.

Can I call you sometime?

For you I think it is worth the dime.

I can understand your hesitation,

Cause we are from different stations,

But that matters not to me,

For two people, here, is all I see.

Say yes and we will show the world,

That we can choose our boy or girl.

Bias limits ones ability to grow,

Freedom to experience is where it's at

You know?

~ ~ ~

I do believe you are sincere

and I know the things you say are true

Thank you for sticking around

I've decided to take a chance on you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Continuation of MISSMARRY's and My collaboration

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