Let it be Me

I see the far away look in your eyes,

I wonder if you see,

The true love you seek,

Is before you…it is me.

I let you have your fantasy,

Cause it makes you happy,

Someday, one day, just maybe,

The one you will dream about will be me.

I am but a lowly frog in your fantasy world,

But I am trying hard to be a knight in shining armor,

To lay down my life for you girl,

None could love you more.

You continue to look past me,

I listen to your sighs,

The prince you seek

Is right before your eyes.

Someday, someday,

I continue to pray,

You will see,

The one who truly loves you…

Is me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For all the husbands whose wives can't see the love before them, but dream about the knight in shining armor and don't see the one in front of them.

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