Dreaming (Adult)

I start to dream

You are there

Flashing eyes

Raven black hair

Nothing on but bathroom steam

I can't help but stare

At my beautiful queen,

With so much flair.

You see me

And start a seductive dance,

I think to flee,

but I am entranced.

Ruby red lips

Oh so sweet,

Shapely hips,

Polished nails on your feet.

You take my breath away

as you prance,

for you it is play,

this seductive dance.

Slowly, I crumble to my knees

and hold your body toned,

your love button, my tongue teases

Until I hear you moan.

It is off to bed,

where entering the kingdom is plead/

But then I awake

It was just a dream,

My mistake,

Gone like the steam.

By huck hickson

© 2005 huck hickson (All rights reserved)

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