The Drifter

I see him trundling along,

Pushing a shopping cart,

With all that to him belongs.

It rends my heart,

to see someone who has fallen so far.

Was it pride that forced him here

or some tragedy in his stars?

It is just not clear.

Where is his family?

Do they wonder where he might be?

Do they know he is alive?

Do they not see?

What evil has he done,

That even his family shuns?

Look at him as he trudges along,

Watch him until he is gone.

Did you see his face,

The vacant eyes,

Retired from the human race,

Those rags his disguise.

But somewhere in that disheveled mess,

Is a man, with a mind, and a heart,

Looking for love to remove his stress,

And give him that new start.

He will make it to a shelter for the night,

Hoping to see another day,

If he passes before new light,

Lord, please guide his soul along the way.

© 2004 Ferrell L. "Huck" Hickson

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jgupta's picture

A good prayer for another fellow being. Everybody has a right to be happy, content, though he may appear adrift.. Well written piece!