Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

I throw the tinsel here and there,

While my wife hangs each strand with care.

For outside I throw some lights in a tree,

My wife lays them out one, two, three.

We pick out bulbs that glisten bright,

I pick blue, she picks white.

She goes for the garland of raspberries,

I go for the pop-tops at the Kash and Kary.

But eventually, the tree is done,

The stockings on the fireplace hung,

All that is left is for Santa to come,

With plenty of presents and Captain Morgan’s Rum.

We nestle on the couch, the kids in bed,

She teases me for this poem I said,

Soon we will drift away to the bed down the hall,

Merry Christmas my friends and Happy New Year you all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chistmas card to the Board.

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Sweet Musical Christmas song! Brings in a holy, cosy, innocent, happy feeling. Thanks for the write and shareing the same.