Christmas Card 2004

The manger is empty now,

The child has gone on his way,

Leaving us for his father,

and us a part to play.

The blessed child

Took away with him

death, and atonement

for our sins.

The father's only son,

On a cross, for our

sins atoned.

There are those that still do not believe,

And for them we must grieve.

For his love is a shining light,

In the darkness of doubt

of those without.

His love is there for the taking,

It is easy, nothing earth shaking,

It is simple as saying,

'Father come into my heart,

I believe in your love,

Please do not depart.

Forgive me of all my sins,

and let your love through me begin.

I pray to you. Amen. Amen.'

Joy to all on this his birthday,

Blessings be upon you all,

This I pray.

Merry Christmas and his love and blessings

to you this coming year.

© 2004 Ferrell L. 'Huck' Hickson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Merry Christmas everyone.

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jgupta's picture

Wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for the wonderful card.