In to Night

Silver clouds

Drift across the moon,

As sleep comes,

She too will soon.

A specter, haunter of dreams,

So beautiful and real she seems.

With hair of spun gold,

She seduces my soul.

Soft zephyr breezes caress,

In my slumbers I wrest,

From the grasp of the demons lust,

Awake, my mind screams, “you must!”

Her ruminations of uninhibited sex,

Doth my mind vex.

I know my safety is to be awake,

But this step I cannot take.

I fall easily into her arms

Succumbing to her charms.

With my last breath,

We skip away.

Now in death,

We are free to play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying something new.  Just not good at it.

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jgupta's picture

Looks like you are playing with reincarnation?

Shaketa Copelin's picture

It was lovely, you'll only get better with time. I enjoyed reading...