Unparalleled Corporate

They rode the horse into the ground

Then kept the buzzards away while it was down.

They nursed it back to health

Realizing he was the source of their wealth.

On his back was strength untold,

His labors and accomplishments bold.

They cannot afford to lose this war horse,

Regardless of the calamities' course.

Bring him back ever stronger in his resolve,

With loyalty to the company all sins absolved,

He is a part of the family,

The one they took care of...was me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to Harris Corporation. After 3 hurricanes. nearly destroyed Florida, our CEO stepped up and authorized no interest loans for 6 months against 401k accounts, cashing in 120 hours of vacation, and 12 days hotel stays at company expense for those displaced by the storms. In all my years of work, this is the first time I have ever seen a corporation step in like this to assist their employees get back on their feet after such disasters.

At Harris, we work hard to make sure we stay at the top of our game. Many times providing assistance to emergency teams or the military on short notice and worrying about the paperwork later. The second and third line is a metaphor for my comments above (keeping the wolf from the door so to speak). The rest of the lines. Harris recognizes that if it wasn't for their employees, there would be no profit and anything the company can do to help their people when they are down will be repaid in loyalty and more determination to make our company number one. It truely provides a family atmosphere and everyone knows there is nothing more important or as powerful as family.  

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jgupta's picture

The name of your company conjure the vision of our deity "Harri" and Harri always comes in a hurry to rescue.
Sure, in life "Family Matters" that our world is a large family. You are great with your vote of thanks. Enjoyed the good feelings.

Lesa Gay's picture

May I be the first to salute a coporation that realizes the value of of loyalty at both ends of the spector. It is nice to know that there are still corporations that no matter how large they may be, they would have nothing if it were not for the people that make up thier corporation. A great write Huck! Love, Lesa