Hunker Down

Time to hunker down.

Tuck your head in,

Hurricane is coming to town.

Bar the door

Fill the coffee tin,

Hurricane coming,

don’t know what’s in store.

Board the windows

And  pray amen,

Stay hunkered down

As the wind blows.

Store up water and food,

Hurricane is coming

And it won’t be good.

Full tank of gas

Don’t be shy,

Hurricane’s watching

With its eye.

Run for the hills

While the git’en is good,

Maybe just maybe

You will miss the flood.

Hunker down

Where ever you be,

Hurricane is no clown,

Comin’ for you and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just for fun and commemorating Hurricane Frances.

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*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

Interesting write. Hope all is well with you and yours in Florida.

jgupta's picture

Predict Nature man can through evidences. Prepare to escape wrath and thus avoid ultimate destruction. Good write!