Crying, because you left me.

Crying, because I can't see.

Crying, because the creep you left me for.

Crying, because he is playing you like a harpsichord.

Crying, because I won't be there when you fall.

Crying, because you won't take this call.

Crying, because you can't have it all.

Crying, because I am so appalled.

But, I shall cry no more,

Cause you will get what's for.

Don't look at these tears as I hit the door.

I am over you and that is for sure.

Crying no more, cause I am over you.

Crying no more, cause we are now through.

Crying no more, no more to weep.

Crying no more, you deserve that creep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have no idea where this came from. Must be the influence of swtredwine. lol.  

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