Birth of Abstract Art

An artist painted landscapes

and seascapes that were beyond compare,

But no one bought them,

they just didn't care.

In anger, he threw the canvas to the ground

dumped his paints on it and all around.

He wadded up his cleaning rags

Threw them on too

Then came to his senses and thought "what a fool."

He picked up the canvas,

Placed it on the easel to dry,

As one of many art lovers

Just happened by.

"What is this?"

They exclaimed with glee,

I must have this painting for me.

How much do you want

Price is no barrier.

One thousand, two, I don't care.

"Are you hearing this jive?"

said another, I will give you five.

The artist looked on as if in a spell,

"That is not art, it is trash I will not sell."

The suitors were leaving

The artist's eyes fell,

"To think, Five thousand dollars...

What the hell?!?"

"Wait a minute,"

He implored,

"For five thousand dollars,

yes I will whore."

So because real art was scorned,

Abstract trash was born.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any resemblence to fact in this poem is strictly coincidental. I don't have anything against abstract art, but I get a kick out of people trying to figure out what the artist was trying to say, when in effect, they were just putting together a color palette on canvas to go in a particular room of their home. It is just pretty colors, like some poetry I have read, have no message or is so buried in abstractions that it is totally lost in the pretty words. Not to say it doesn't take talent, it takes a real command of the language to do that, but the purpose of language is to communicate and if the message is encoded, it kind of leaves me dry.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Unlike your other poems, this one offends me. I have a deep love for abtraction and if you look under my poetry folder for it you'll see. To have called it trash is to stab a knife through me. I was also deeply insulted, degraded, offended when you used your line with "whore" in it.

Judy Costea's picture

You are so right... I have seen this happen many a times...
But as one says, it is art in some form or another to someone... Be as it may, I try not to make judgement if I don't understand... I leave it as is...
Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom..
Peace and Love..

Starward's picture

Comically superb!


[* /+/ ^]

jgupta's picture

However abstract is abstract and trash is not abstract! Thus there are many ways to see and feel the subject. You have written about the same through strong lines.