Did You Call Your Mom Today

Did you call your mom today,

Just to let her hear you say,

How much you love her and miss her too,

And to thank her for being there for you.

Did you think, "I will call on the morrow,"

Thinking for a little time to borrow?

"She really does not expect a call

So she won’t really miss it at all."

What if she had died today?

Would you still feel that same way,

Or will you wish she had got that call from her boy,

And heard, one more time, her loving voice filled with joy?

Will you beat yourself up for not seeing her more,

Even though the drive over was a chore?

Will you be there to comfort your dad,

Or take the attitude, “That’s just to bad.”

Just something to chew on,

It is too late to say "I love you"

when they are gone.

Remember, now that your life is your own,

It was bought and paid for by the sweat and blood

of that loved one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For sons and daughters everywhere.

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Yvonne Coe's picture

Very good poem and extremely well written :) But the poem does not only relate to moms but to dads and sisters/brothers alike. Keep on writing you have amazing talent!

Shirley Roberts's picture

Huck this is a beautiful poem and so true. I was hundreds of miles away from home when my mother died and couldn't get home in time.It about killed me even though I called every week and wrote letters. So I hope all the folks who read this take your advice and call Mom.