We raise them from a mere pup,

And are slightly annoyed when they wake us up,

With a sloppy kiss on the nose

Or a little tug on our toes.

There are no conditions on the love they give

No matter how we look or where we live.

They are always there to cheer us up

And seems all knowing this little pup.

They quickly become a family part,

One that has engrained itself into our hearts.

They become like children, but with more respect

And food hitting the floor is cleaned leaving not a speck.

They give us such affection,

And looking back with introspection,

We see how much joy they brought,

Especially when we were distraught.

When they pass, it tears us apart,

But they will always be with us in our hearts.

We let them go as they would wish,

Such is their unconditional love, this.

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