The Dragons Kiss Part II - The Meeting

Copyright 11/8/00

She darkened a cloudless sky

As her presence, blotted out the sun

I watched the great dragon fly

While others looked for a place to run.

Her darting green eyes

Taking in the scene below

Extending her thighs

To capture those too slow.

Her fiery breath caressed

The unfortunates who were to slow

The carnage of her enraged blood fest

Destroying all before she could go.

She then flew to my ledge to take a respite

When she spied me standing like a stone.

She started to transform there in the dimlight

As she approached I felt so alone.

Then, before me stood a goddess,

With flashing green eyes

And a stunning white dress.

All I had seen, were the results of a curse.

My heart pounded in my breast

As she kissed me with lips pursed

Silently, she bowed once again

And was transformed

Into that dragon thing

Leaving my emotions torn.

She lifted off and flew away

And I knew I would forever miss

That magic moment on this day

When I received the Dragon's Kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Indirectly inspired by Dragongreeneyes.

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