The Dragons Kiss Part I

Copyright 11/22/00

Lying silently listening to the wind

As it sings softly through leaves and limbs.

Dark shadows that are crossing the moon,

Brings me up to my is coming soon.

Then out of the dark, its size blotting out the sky

As giant wings bear it aloft in the quiet night.

The giant dragon, lights gently near by

Transforming to  beautiful goddess all in white.

I move not, for fear she will take flight,

But her knowing eyes find me in the dim light.

Dare I speak, I think unable to breathe

When the goddess approached and spoke to me.

"Are you not afraid?" I heard her say.

"Of one so beautiful," I replied "Nay".

"Thank you kind sir, I was not always like this,

I am to remain a green-eyed dragon until I

Receive a knights kiss."

Just then, the villagers began to stir

And I watched as she transformed in a blur.

As the sun rose and light filled the sky

The mighty dragon spread her wings to fly.

I yelled to her as she took flight,

That I would not rest until I solved her plight.

The villagers were arming themselves to bring her down

Even tho' her power could destroy their little town.

I ran to the cliffs that oversaw our abodes

And watched as the villagers took to the roads.

With fire in their eyes they would follow to her lair

And cave it in or kill her there.

I had solved the riddle of the "Knights Kiss"

It was a play on words that she had missed.

I must tell her, but I am not sure how

But I must save her, and it must be now.

I watched as she flew away

Villagers in hot pursuit

determined to kill her this day.

I waited and watched as she started her turn,

With fiery breath she started to burn

Brush and wood to block their path

She was trying to save them from her wrath.

They persisted and it became clear

That her only hope was their flesh to sear.

With a roar that shook the earth

The villagers courage turned to dirt.

They began to retreat, but the beast

Was loosed and it was time to feast.

I could only watch the events unfold

Knowing a godess' story was yet to be told.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Watch for the final part of this trilogy.

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