there is  a little choir

that sits out side the window

they gather on the electric lines

and sing to me each day

they watch me as I sit here

watching the tube or listening to tunes

writing about the last thing that inspired me

or thinking of something that inspired someone else

I love the birds that are singing

they make me feel so good and blessed

I like to think that they might be sending

some hidden message to a friend of a friend

so when I hear them cheaping away at me

I think of my friends featherd friend

I bring the image of her into my mind

hopeing she will understand the sounds I hear

so heres to you little choir from god

sitting out side my window

if it is a message to the fair Bella

that you wish to send I will do what I can

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poetvg's picture

worth the checking out
i d love to be into
Gods choir ;*)

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee
Loved this one too! Very cute and sweet... if we open our eyes just a little wider at times, what beauty we could see. Thanks for sharing this warm piece of poetry with us.
Roz :)

Jon Pitt's picture

This poem is good. I like the way you have descirbed the birds as GOD'S CHOIR, because that's what they're really like. They don't keep together but it wakes me up.