listening to you sing

my heart felt your pain

wishing for a river

troubled soul

trying to escape

through the lines

wishing for a river

talking of love

helped received

you said you were

selfish and sad

admitted you were hard to handle

wow... what an understatement

wishing for a river

praying for feet that fly

all you wanted was to flee

run from you self created mess

wishing for a river

one you could skate away on

haungting words

sang by a lost young man

wishing for a river

a river many miles long

you sang of Christmas

you never liked that time

wishing for a river

I sat and thought of the words

listened closely

haunting cello

minor notes

piano keys

played by fingers

nervous from cravings

the song was beautiful

watched you as you sang this

felt your pain

saw it deep in your eyes

I wished for you

to finally get it

but you weren't ready

so I prayed for you to find your river

I hoped my simple prayers might help

but looking back over it

I don't think they did

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a tribute to a young man that is so talented.... but suffers from a sad diesease.......

he needs something to slap him into reality.....

awesome actor... and just realized he can sing... and play a piano....

but from his childhood and background I should not be surprised at anything he does......

Robert Downey Jr..... still holding out hope that THIS time will be the time.....

may god bless you....

I heard him sing this song on Ally McBeal..... what a performance.... I never knew he could sing..... man what a voice....

and we all know I think he is sexy..... well him sitting behind a grand piano..... with a purple shirt.... or no shirt....LOL...

well anyway.... this was inspired from the song Wishing For a River..... if you ever get the chance to hear it.... listen to the words.... sad ... I tell ya.... but sure fits RDJ.....

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Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, this one is really, really good. I love the way it flows. And you can feel the emotions that you put into it. Very, very good. Thanks. Kris

gentle's picture

This is one man that I think will never let go of his demons. It is sad. You are so right when you say he has great talent, but, unfortunately, I feel it will be short lived. I am seeing River Phoenix Flashbacks. What a shame. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, You must REALLY like Robert Downey Jr. as this is the third poem about him I've read in your portfolio. :) To my knowledge I've never seen any of his TV Shows or movies. This poem has a very sad, resigned vibe to it, makes me wonder if this is how a lot of his loved ones are feeling with all the trouble he's gone through lately.