countless hours spent reading

time she could use for personal things

countless hours spent in front of a computer

adding her touch to a web site that sings

she is a blessing to those that meet her

for she cares from deep inside her heart

she is a true friend to anyone that needs her

I have always felt this from the very start

she posts her poetry over the internet

helping us with each word she writes

she lends an ear or advice if you choice

and will show your work on her site

an amazing friend she is to me

her spirit as colorful as a peacock

I tell you she is an amazing friend

so let me say.... Miranda you rock

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I owe you so much.... but this is the way I have to say thank you.....

you do so much for me.... the work you do with posting my poetry for me....

thank you so much... you are a gift from God......

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee
Long time, no see... yet again! lol
This was such a beautiful read and a wonderful tribute to someone so special. I have not read a great deal of Miranda's works, but what I have read has been good. A much deserved piece of poetry from you to her. Thanks for sharing such special thoughts
Roz :)

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, you made me cry those happy touched tears again! You're getting to be an expert at that! :) I also feel a little shame because this poem has been up for 3 whole weeks and I didn't find it until now. My most humble apologies!!!! Renee, this is a beautiful poem, and I am very touched that you would write this for me. It is such a joy to be called a friend by someone who is as giving, warm, honest, caring, sensitive, and talented as you are! YOU ROCK!!!!!

gentle's picture

Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Miranda or seeing her works, can say that this is well deserved. Go Mranda & Renee!!!! Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Donker Man's picture

... and what a wonderful tribute to a friend! Great stuff! Regards Donkerman