she gets off work early

grabs a fast shower

eats on the run

lives life in a blur

runs a stop light

passing on the right

she's in hurry

and not all that brite

she's got to see him

if just one last time

she knows he would never stay

in the distance she hears the chime

his eyes are like that of a tiger

holding yours with ease

he lives for the crowd

but cares not to please

the lights go out

lighters flicker in the darkness

she thinks of him later

believing she is his princess

she holds her breath standing center stage

they look into each others eyes

thinking of the past

she begins to realize

this is a one sided relationship

she in it for love, he for the lust

tears start there desent into forever

falling into the land of hate and disgust

once he could blind her with flowers and gifts

now she knows the whole nasty truth

wishing for a change in her reality

in her mind she  revisits her youth

her mind never returned to this world

holding tight to the idea of love and magic

she passed over to the other side late one night

her life candle had used up all it's wick

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Yes, I can see how this could be interpreted in many ways... depending on the reader. I am getting the picture of a couple having an affair... as you say in your poem.. one is love, the other is lust.... left a sad impression in my heart.... great read, thanks for sharing Roz :)