Tina..... heart beats faster

Tina......... heart picks up pace

Colby..... ok... this is interesting

Colby..... this can go either way

Colby..... heart is beating like hell

Tina..... oh shit..... heart is trying to get out of my chest

and finally the last name is read

the winner of the cool million dollars


true to herself to the end.......

and did it pay off.....

Colby a real life southern gentleman....

as happy for her as he would have been for himself

way to go guys.... ture sportsman to the very last minute

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee
Dont know how I missed this one last time I stopped by your site! hmmmmmm! Great suspense reading... but I really wanted Colby to win!!!! lol
Roz :)

Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

AW dont care what they say (HOT SPICY SEX) all nighter too LOL they knowed the camera men couldnt use it on reg-tv,and realy thats what i hoped LOL

Robert  LaFountain's picture

sure was an interesting ending. Held me on my toes right down to the last of 7 votes. I was hoping for Tina. She played the game to the best of her ability. And she even carried it out beyond the outback. I remember her saying last night that she wanted to pay off her house and sset up a fund to helpp others in need on a yearly basis. News today is quoting her as going completely in the other direction----wants to buy a plane for her hubby and all sorts of other wonderful toys for herself and the kids. So I wonder how far she thinks a cool million goes these days. So much for duty and humanity I'd say. Yes indeed, she is a hell of a player. Even swayed a couple votes in her direction with her 'I want to help others' spiel. Ahhhh sweet mysteries of life. She even had me convinced that she was sincere. If the media is even close to telling the truth about her, she lost my respect. Good poem and tribute to one who did in fact play the game to the hilt. goldeneagle