I have a list of people

that I really think of as friends

some I have never met face to face

but for some reason I feel such a bond

they are there for me when time are rough

and I feel as though I will loose my mind

they will e-mail me news or some joke

and my mind will snap out of the dumps

There is one that lives in Alabama

now I have met her and her mom

we are friends for life I'm sure

and that is just fine by me

there was a time that we did not communicate

and for that we both have our regrets

but we look forward with happiness on a new start for her

here to you Molly... may you be blessed from this day on.

Now let me tell you about a few more friends

there are a couple that live in the eastern part of the states

they are the greatest friends that you could ever ask for

I have pictures and they are really great

we talk on the phone from time to time

when our lives allow us some down time

Then there are those from other parts of the globe

I have never seen them or heard their voice

but it's funny how when I am really down

I can hear them loud and clear

they will read a poem and let me know

the things it made them think of

and then through cyber space

we share stories of our daily lives

I owe so much to each and everyone of you

may the Great Spirit bless you in every way

may you walk the easy road of life

never having to deal with pain or misery

I love you more than words can express

for sometimes you are what keeps this girl sane

I hope that this shows just some of the thanks

I feel from so deep inside my heart

there will never be enough of anything

to pay you what it has all been worth

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Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, This is a wonderful tribute and I feel honored to be included in your group of goes both ways, believe me. For anyone reading this who doesn't know Renee, I called her - out of the blue - one weekend morning a while back, she answered...I said "Is this Renee?" and she replied HI, she really does hear those voices! LOL Kris

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Friends are such a precious gift to have and I can clearly see how lucky you are and how lucky they are to have you as a friend as well. Keep up the good work. Roz :)

gentle's picture

May the Great Spirit also keep you just a keyboard away from me, my dearest friend. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Michelle Noel's picture

Renee O Queen, you have been there for me I know, and most likely for each of those mentioned at one time or another. I for one know that my life is so much richer in having met you albeit through the internet (for now). Thank you for the beautiful poem and as always the warmest and kindest of thoughts. Michelle

Tim Marshall's picture

Another title~ * I love you * like we all should really its a great feeling knowing there are still people like you. a line from the Bluejays lp = you dont have to ask me if i'll be your friend~i am i am ,i am your friend~you must remember me the Bluejays ? are justin hayward & john lodge of the moody blues doing a seperate Great lp ! wonder if Miranda knows it? yep,probally L&P

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, YOU ROCK! Nuff said! I'm honored you included my name here! Love, 'Randers!

Melvin Lee's picture

Smilesz... Sentiments exactly shared by Rachelle ; it is my honor to know u Renee....and thanxs for this wonderful poem which speaks mosaic volumes of this love of friendship. It must be with the wealth and depth of a true poetic heart, and the generosity and sensitivity of a person, to be able to write this gem.....and yes, Renee....i am glad to say that u possesses all of these... Once again, i raise a toast to u./ and to many more poems, and many more comments...from me to u, from u to me...Smilesz. VOILA

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Awww...Renee', you never fail to move me. Although we only 'met' 8-9 months ago, I feel like we have a bond that we both can depend on. You are my friend! And, believe me, I don't say that about many people at all! The people that I am close to, I am close to. Everything is so black and white for me sometimes :) This poem really touched my heart & spirit. I, for one feel blessed to have been honored to cross paths with such a remarkable spirit as yourself. You are a gift. Really beautiful poem for a lot of reasons :) Thank you for the honor of calling you friend.