I picked up the phone

and made the call.

I have her pictured

as being quite tall.

Beautiful blonde hair

eyes twinkling brightly.

We talked of things

neither of us take lightly.

It is nice to have a voice

to go with a name and face.

I was talking to an angel

with gypsy charm and grace.

She goes by the name of Rachelle

one of the post poems greats.

She is honest with her thoughts

only trying to help motivate.

She is a dear friend to me

there when I need someone to listen.

So these thoughts are geniune

flowing from a heart felt pen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is written for Rachelle....

the real back bone of PostPoems....

this lady has more talent in one eye lash than some will ever have with there whole body....

she inspires me in ways that no one will ever know or understand.....

she helps me see things from a better view point... opening my eyes to things I never really thought about before....

thank you so much Rachelle... for all you have done for me.....

you are a true diamond in life......

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