They finally made the decision to move,

had to get things organized and ready,

much to do and they were hardly in the groove,

packing, cleaning, and pricing to get ready for the sell.

As they went about their business of the day,

thoughts and memories seemed to move in.

They miss him very much, this is the only way,

to get on with life, leave the saddness behind.

They stumble upon a box long ago forgotten,

tears of sorrow where shed in silence.

Some of his military pictures, and shrits of cotton,

things that made them think of better times.

They almost have every thing ready now,

have to sell and move on with their lives.

Not sure about this, not sure just how,

this will be the hardest thing they have ever done.

The day is here, tables set with objects they have loved,

people mill around looking, buying and chatting.

The turn out is great, someone even bought the turtledove.

Everything is for sell at the yard sell of memories.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

title belongs to Tim... words belong to Renee'.... this is based on something that a dear friend is having to deal with... I love you Molly....

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

Great, second time even better L&P

robertpaullocke's picture

Its weird you know. Everytime I go to a yard sell, I kind of, no I do wonder about the stories of the things I buy. Maybe I should ask? very good poem.

Carla Mobley's picture

Tough. I've seen this scenario more than once and could really relate.

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee What a heartfelt and beautiful poem. You are such a kind soul... always thinking of others.. your friends over there with you are truly blessed to have someone like you by there side in their times of troubles. I think we can all relate to this poem in one way or the other. Thanks for sharing these special thoughts with us. My prayers go out to Molly in this hard moment of her life. Have a great day :) Roz

Deborah  Russell's picture

very nice piece of poetry and relative to all who read... a tender moment in life that we all have to come to terms with...nothing like having a friend to help you through these times though...and you are that, Renee'...

Tim Marshall's picture


Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Nee' Had to stop in to your new post. Molly, I feel for your family in your loss. Renee' what another beautiful poem reaching out to help someone that you care about. Your heart is of the purest kind. Bless you for all that you think about, everyone that you selflessly care for/about, and mostly just for being the sweetheart that you are. Keep your chin up, Molly. I don't know your circumstances, but I do know that you must have lost someone near and dear to your heart. I do know what that is like. I feel for you. You have a beautiful friend in Renee' here.

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

well here I am again for the 3rd time! lol. These are interesting thoughts and bring up to memories for me... 1. My parents have moved across continents (Canada-Australia) several times and in the process had to sell many things. Some of these things they talk about as if they wish they still had them. 2. A song "Junk" by Paul McCartney from his 1970 album McCartney. Malc.

Molly's picture

Hello Ren, Thank you for this poem. I'm trying hard to hold the tears in. Yep, a box of memories here and there.... I try not to think about it all, and the loss of my father... We miss him so.......... I must have been on your mind today :) Thank you. This is a beautiful poem, one that captures the indecisions, the not-knowings, and the fears ahead. Moving won't be so hard for me, but mom....?..... LOL ~ The hurricane is ruining our yard sale plans though! Is it coming or not? I have to wait another day before everything is priced and ready for this weekend! LOL Wish us clear bright sunny days on Fri and Sat! I really wish you could be here.......