What It Was

The day we met was just perfect,

You were the one for me,

Your smile captured my heart,

But all you showed was cruelty.

You said what it was " it was",

And that we should never think,

That it would be this way forever,

Now my heart wants to sink.

You remarried your ex-wife,

Then send me things in the mail,

What is it that you are thinking,

To shock me you never fail.

I wish that i had the answers,

To things that i may never know,

Why did you treat me like you did,

you know not like a friend but foe.

So please stop with all the words,

And all the other things you send,

You should be making a life with her now,

Things with us will never mend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something bouncing in my head

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deborahrussell's picture

Sometimes the "end" is much better than the middle. Fresh air is a good thing for the soul...

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee This was a sad read! Some just want to have their cake and eat it too... that is his loss and your gain! Good work. Roz :)

William Smith's picture

very nice poem.. sad but written well... had me teary-eyed!!! william

Lexi Baker's picture

Renee', Very interesting - if this is from a life experience, I wish you the best. Great Work and thanks for all of your support and comments. :-) Jami

Wynona's picture

You told him what needed to be heard.He made his choice so he should have to deal with it.Don't let him play his head-games with you,get on with your life and forget this JERK!

Me'lyn H's picture

Renee', YEA!! Great Job on Weekly Poem!!! I don't think I had read this one before, but I do know I LOVE IT!! I hate the way people do that...lead you on...then trash ya and still think your gonna sit there and take it! You Go Girl!! Me'lyn

Tim Marshall's picture

GOOD SHOW~he could of never afforded your free real love and thats bad~ i think you got a good guy this time congrads on getting this L&P to ya' and keep on scribbling lol

hhickson's picture



Ariberdy's picture

As always, your ideas that bounce around in your head, never cease to amaze me. You have a very special gift. Your subject matter is so real, yet, so artisitc at the same time. If this is based on reall life, then the guy is definitely a real jerk.I hope he is no longer in your life. Keep on writing. Amy

Anonymous's picture

you are so right.... and he is gone.... i now have a man in my life that is the world to me... he treats me well and loves me dearly.... so this old boyfriend can just wish for things forgotten.... this is all i have to say to him.... :O)~~~~~~~~~~ lol

Mel's picture

Such a jerk! Be gone from ur life, dats the best i can say...good riddance. Aint worth ur love and time...u deserve someone much better than this slimeball. Smilesz.