The Loser and The Princess

There is a young girl that I have just recently met

and she is looking for something to make her content.

I feel that she is going to make a choice she might regret.

But it is her life to live with a mother that is absent.

She is in love with a man that is what I would call a loser.

He does not treat her with the respect that I think he should.

Atleast he does not beat her and as far as I know he is not a boozer.

I know that she can find someone better if only she understood.

She has been with the same guy for several years now I am told.

I hate to see her marry the only man that she has ever known.

There are things that she should know, truths he will withhold.

One day she will awake from this only to find her turst in men has been blown.

Oh well, what can one say, to someone that knows it all they think.

You have to hold your tounge and just pray for the best to take place.

When this is all said and done I hope that she wont turn to drink.

Maybe before she jumps into this she will shock us all and do an about face.

That would make us all very happy you see and I think it would be the right choice.

She is just not using her head in this matter that will end up causing her pain.

So you see I had to right this down so I can keep my mouth shut and never voice.

What is truly in my heart and head for these words there is nothing for me to gain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

love can cause us to make some strange decisions..... it can also break our spirits

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Can relate to this one... as they say.. "Love is Blind"... but like your poem says in the end, it is the breaking of the spirit that is the most damaging for sure! Loved this read.. keep up the good work. Roz

Edwin Robinette's picture

Good poem! Sometimes its not a good idea to get into someone elses affairs. But again, if this were a very close friend, you would not want to see her get hurt! This is a judgement call! Personally, I hate decisions such as these, it kinda makes you the middle man, so to speak! I'm glad I'm not in your shoes! Anyway, nicely done!

Rhonda M's picture

AND ha ha I guess I did the same spelled poem wrong..... typos I guess :-)

Rhonda M's picture

Renee, as always you have written a nice peom here..and really...I do not want to be critical but there are spelling mistakes..did you write this in a hurry? 'trust in men' and the word tongue are a couple that I noticed. But you are a great writer and I enjoy reading your stuff

Don juan's picture

great poem!!! that's all I have to say about that but please let the girl learn fromher mistakes.

Doreen Southworth's picture

STOP THAT GIRL!! My sister almost married a guy who was huge jerk. After a few years, she told him where to go, and how to get there! Now she is getting married to the greatest guy in the world! How do you write aboutt hese things so good?! I have yet to figure you out girl!!