She did the mummer's dance

while the music played she

twirled, swayed did a sexy prance.

She did this for marco polo

she did not know who he was

but oh my she put on a show.

She was the love of the highway man

the daughter of a peasant farmer

they were of a family clan.

She was the most beautiful child

her love was so intense

but she had a heart that was wild.

It was only the idea of love

that kept her feet on the ground

and her eyes on heavens above.

She grew into a woman old

had lived a life full

her heart tamed but never cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just some titles off a CD by Loreena McKinnett.. and some extra thougths of what a woman might live like back in the day.... hope you enjoyed this one... I know I did while writing it...

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Haley's Comet's picture

Absolutely stunning writing. This was a pleasure to read.

Ernest Bevans's picture

Great poem I come away from this verse shaking my head and saying; 'How true, How true; love can keep us young forever' Here is an inference in your poem that is never mention and yet it can be clearly seen - HER SMILE! I swear I can see her smile. Great poem.

Kristine Snow's picture

What an original idea. I like the concept, and I like where you went with it. "Her heart tamed but never cold."

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee You are such a talent girl!!!!!!!! You never cease to amaze this envious person here. Great poem, enjoyed immensely....Keep up the good work. Have a good one :) Roz

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gentle's picture

???? My sister, you never cease to amaze me. Sometimes, I wish that I could walk around in your head for even 5 minutes. It must be a wonderful place. Again, a tribute to Loreena MacKinnit is an honour to her. If only she knew how much we admire her talent, eh? Beautiful & haunting. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Molly A. Block's picture

This is really nice Ren! I think you should try to submist this for publishing! Good work!

Edwin Robinette's picture

Unique idea! It turned out very well, I like it!