I wanted to let you know,

these sisters I have can steal the show.

Blessed with the gift of the written word,

poems that cover the poets smorgasboard.

You have to stop in to see what I mean,

words that rush over me like the effects of caffeine.

These women are just like sisters to me,

get to know them through their work and you will see.

They have something that most wish for,

wonder if they got it from some famous ancestor?

All sorts of things they post for us to share,

when it comes to these ladies I have to show that I care.

Sisters in poetry, the name that I have given them,

each very special in my life,they are like rare gems.

Each one of these ladies are there when ever I need someone.

I feel in my heart that our friendships have only just begun.

You are three ladies for which I have the utmost respect,

I read your words and for me they have a profound effect.

You have such a way with the words you pen and share with us,

I receive much knowledge from your poems posted here and that is a plus.

So to you my sisters in poetry know that I look up to you.

My life now balanced, filled with love, so I have to say merci beaucoup.

May the angels of love and happiness sprinkle you with all their magic,

keep on posting your messages, written with words artistic.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something that I wanted to write about only 3 of the wonderfully talented ladies here at postpoems....RACHELLE, KRIS AND AMY... you are the light that shines bright in the halls of postpoems.... thank you for being here.....  

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee That was such a sweet poem. A great tribute to three in postpoems that are so talented. I loved the title as well, that was very eye catching! A tribute like this coming from one as talented as you.. is special. Great work and thanks for sharing. Roz

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gentle's picture

Renee: You have done me the greatest honour that any one could give. My heart is filling itself with joy & tears, all at the same time. Now, it is your turn to be honoured. I have left you something called the Poetess. I hope it shows you how much this poem means to me. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Deborah  Russell's picture

Another beautiful and wonderful tribute Renee'...this is very nice and the thought of sharing your gift in this way is do have an incredible wealth in your friends... deborah

Kristine Snow's picture

Renee, This is so sweet, so nice of you, but that is the kind of person you are. YOU have been there for me, and for others, when we needed you. Keep on writing for us. And thank you again - for the poem and for being a true friend. Kris

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Well, silly girl... I didn't even know that this was a reflection that had something to do with me when I read it the first time... But, I did relate to it. There are some beautiful women and men here, and Kris and Amy are definately on my list of poetry family... I just love so many people here... Great people, great writers, great Poets. Thank you, Renee for honoring me with your pen. Amy and Kris certainly deserve this tribute~! I think the world of them both. And you for your huge heart. Good work.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Yes.... There are many people here whom I admire in many different ways. Gosh...I don't even want to start naming them all, there are too many. But, I do feel close to crtain people here, too Renee' Very lovely weave of emotion~

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

what a beautiful little piece renee' very lovely.