Northern Lady

I have a friend and she lives up north.

We message each other back and forth.

Sometimes it is scary we are so alike,

She has a new job where she can say,"Hey take a hike!"

Bad times seem to have fallen on her,

I'm sure her days are like one big blur.

Her child seems to be acting out in his youth,

but he will get better, when he faces the truth.

The love of her life met a bimbo on the net,

But he will soon start to regret.

He just walk out with out too much said,

She now wakes and try to look ahead.

Although we have never met, she is close to my heart.

In times like this I wish we were not so far apart.

When I could not find work she was always there for me.

I want her to know there for her I will always be.

My good friend I want you to know,

That these ol' bad times will have to go.

Then we will talk and laugh like we have in the past,

You know how it is "YUCKY" times they never last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for a really good friend that i have that lives up north....Gin if you read this.... you are an inspiration to me.... hope that you like this.... love ya girl....

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YOU are the inspiration for so many of us. YOU are the one with the big heart. Thanks for being there for ME. Kris

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I must say, you have a way with words. Every poem reads like a story of someone's life. I just love every one of them. Whoever this lady is tell her to be strong& to remember she is never alone. Amy

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Hi Renee Isnt it nice to have such a dear friend that you feel so inspired to write a poem for them. Well written as always. Have a great one! :) Roz