A little lady bug landed on my finger

it made me wonder what to do.

Seeing as how she was so tiny

and fragile to it's true.

I took her in my small hand

and walked with her right outside.

Let her climb upon a little leaf

but a spider got her and she died.

So the next time that a lady bug

should come and land on my fingers.

I think I'll choose to let her stay

and see just how long she lingers.

I hear that it brings good luck

to the one that the lady bug should choose.

Now I feel so horrible at this death

I just have the lady bug blues.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a little thing that happened to me at work......

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Edwin Robinette's picture

A cute poem indeed! First time I ever had thoughts about a ladybug, after reading this! Nice work!

Deborah  Russell's picture

ahhhhhhhh....poor Renee' i bet most of us have had similar experiences...this was really nice.

James Haggerty's picture

Now, that's cute.

Melvin  Lee's picture

sMILESZ..wat more can i say?~?~... its all spoken of and mentioned in such sincere truth by those pple above mine....hehehe/... Another great work by u... Innocent , indeed.. Take care , always...

Roz Turner's picture

Hiya Renee This one was very sweet! Your imagination and talent never ceases to amaze me. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to all of us wanna be poets. :) Cya and have a great day Roz :)

gentle's picture

I know this poem has a sad ending, but, this is the cutest one you have ever written. it is innocent & full of life. i will never put a lady bug outside ever again, i promise. LOL Your friend, amy

Gentle is the night♥

tanya's picture

this was so sad renee...makes me think of the people i have lost in my lifetime..thankyou for reminding me of that tanya

Me'lyn H's picture

Renee' THis is soo sweet..I mean not that the ladybug died..but that ya wrote a poem about it! It is really good too!!! Keep em coming..I love to read them!

Tanya's picture

AWESOME!!!!!! Isn't that how everyone feels about life, and what usually happens when you let things go...... something seems to die from it is what I am saying....once again, AWESOME!!!! Keep up the writing, you are really gifted at this!!!!

Michelle Noel's picture

Another great poem Renee!!! Who would have thought you could get me interested in reading about Ladybugs :)) "and she just how long she lingers" did you mean see instead of the first she in that line? hit the mark oh Queen of Postpoems!!!

Dj Southwell's picture

That's very cute, renee.