Court TV

As I sit here and watch this.

It makes me wonder just why,

these kids and their mommy,

had to be beaten and then die.

A man hits his wife in anger,

then slaps his kids around.

What in the hell is he thinking,

can justice in this be found.

She was very happy with him,

no doubt she loved him so.

He needed large amouts of money,

that's the only reason they know.

He beat her to death early morning.

Then took the life of both kids.

How in the world could he do this?

Now the attorneys put in their bids.

Will he get the death penality?

Or will they just give him life?

Man what senseless violent killing,

why do we live in such strife?

This makes me want to scream,

makes me want to lash out.

One thing that I know for sure,

money is not what it's all about.

He was just a ladies man.

Flirted with anything in a skirt.

She just was not what he wanted.

Now we have to hear all this dirt.

I hope that he is now happy.

He should be very proud.

He is on national television,

and the message is clear and loud.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by what is on TV ....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Listening to the news is so depressing sometimes! How can people do this to other without blinking an eyelid. It sends shivers up my spine. Thanks for sharing :) Roz

Michael Gainer's picture

Renee' This is very, very, sad but is often the truth. It appears that if a person goes out and and kill a person, "or a couple of people" they automatically become celibs. This is a well written piece. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Edwin Robinette's picture

I love this one-powerful stuff!! Hope that sick puppy gets what he deserves! I have no mercy with wife beaters, especially when they start knocking around the kids! There is NO excuse for that type of action! You did a great job with this one!! NICE writing!!

ladydp2000's picture

Renee, girl,you had done it again here, this poem is so sad but its the brutal reality of life, and i agree in everyhing you say in your poem, and i love the way you put it together, and i like the way you express yourself in your poetry in general. Your friend in poetry. Dorian

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Andrea's picture

Doesn't that stuff just make you sick. You did well writing about it. I haven't gotten through all of your poetry yet, but I really like you style of writing. Things rhyme very well and it just seems to flow so nicely. I believe you have submitted poetry to my site before, The Poet's Lounge.( I'm glad to see that the rest of your poetry is just as good as what I read before. Andrea

Ariberdy's picture

So real!! So well written!! So frighteningly true!!! Amy

~Me'lyn~'s picture

hey this was good..... some people are just sick ya know...i like that ya have feelings about what ya see on the much crap happens anymore..people are becoming desensitized to it.....nice to see there are still some real life people with feelings out there!! Thanks for sharing

Melvin's picture

Wowow.... LAST stanza is the most powerful one...'hope he is very happy and proud...on National Tv now.a message loud'.. GOoD!!!>..superb!

Tanya collier's picture

Renee... this is why i try not to watch the always brings tears to my eyes when I hear things like this, as your poem did...thankyou for bringing to my attention that i cant always be like the ostrich and bury my head in the sand.. Tanya