I can't believe it's easy

to look so cheap and sleazy.

With that short skirt

and those high heels shoes.

How long does it take you?

To put on your bondo glue

to make your face

add years instead of lose.

My god you must spend money

faster than bee's can make honey.

To get it all together

as though you might have a clue.

I'm glad I'm not that type

that believes in all that hype.

That makes you think

just the way you do!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something I saw and it made my wheels turn.....

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Debbie Johnson's picture

Don't ya just hate people like that??? I am one that is fond of being what I say I am. You know, what you see is what you get! I don't wear make-up and the only thing I am particular about is my hair. LOL..I dye it on a regular basis.. :)

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee This one was good too! Sometimes you wonder if some really ever take the time to have a look at themselves before they go out! Then again, maybe they do! Thanks for sharing Roz :)

Edwin Robinette's picture

Coooool! Well done! Love this one! There are women like that, but on the same token, some men, like the song, love their women a little on the trashy side! LOL Nice writing!!!

Alyson Mays's picture

hey Renee'! I loved this poem. I think we all knew a girl in high school like this. UGH! I pity them. I always looked at women like that the same way I looked at Linus and his blankie. I have missed you girl. :) Love, aly

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Reminds me of Mimi on Drew Carey! :) Hee hee NASTY! God, I am into the natural thing...couldn't imagine having to put on ten lbs.of make-up, give me a tube of lipstick (Estee Lauder liquid lip in the color raisin) :) hee hee and I am ok. Isn't it funny though, how we women do have our "things" such as my lipstick..has to be that one. LOL Very well written, and a good thought, too. All that crap is superficial, and I gotta believe that these women are hiding from themselves. They couldn't possible think that it is attractive. ??

Kristine Snow's picture

I love it! I, too, like to "critique" the crowd! This one was funny (but, unfortunately, true!)

Melvin  Lee's picture

AHhaa... i loveeeeeeee this title!. Fits like a T to the content. GOOD work~!~

Deborah E Russell's picture

"it ain't easy bein cheesy" sometimes even lipstick is a waste of time

Tim Marshall's picture


Michelle Noel's picture

LOL....I know just what you mean. I often wonder is some people I see ever really look in a mirror before they leave the house :)) Great Poem again O'Queen.....

Me'lyn H's picture

Renee' YEA!!! This is kick @$$ Ilove it!! Here Here for the real women...who don't need all that gunk!!! OMG you totally stole my thoughts in this poem everytime I see a woman like this....Cheap and Sleezy!! You go Girl!!