Being A Kid

I lived in the country when I was a kid,

And the folks would get angry with what I did,

When it would rain, and it would rain alot,

I loved to play in the puddles, and would not stop.

I would run and splash and ride my bike through,

And just squish the mud between my toes like goo,

I would stomp and stamp my feet really hard,

That was the good old days, playing in my yard.

The water felt good on a hot summer day,

It was a game that I played in my own way,

When you are a kid and you live so far out,

You have to make up things, that's what imagination is about.

People might watch and shake their heads in wonder,

Things kids do sometimes makes them really ponder,

They might think that a kid is nuts or maybe insane,

And we know they think, "how will we get out that mud stain".

Oh, but to feel the water on my little bare feet,

Now that I am older, I think it might be a real treat,

Just to be a kid all over and play all day long,

Now that is a crazy thought or maybe it's just wrong.

When I was a kid and did things just for the hell of it,

Sometimes just to watch my great grandmother have a big fit,

Those days are gone now, never again to be lived through,

Stop for a minute and think, if a I were a kid,"what would I do".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh the days of childhood.... the are gone but not forgotten.

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Clarity Jones's picture

Great poem. It really took me back to my own chilhood. It also made me think of my four year old little boy, he's living in "the good old days" :)

Analia Sattalon Renia's picture

I know what you feel. Everyone, sooner or later, wishes they can turn back the clock. Funny thing; Kids think that Adults had it made. Diving cars and things. But when we're adults, we just look back and realize that they're were a fool for thinking that. Heck, I'm 13 and I just realized that now. I only wish I was 2 again...

Tess Templer's picture

I Love the way you remind us of the simple beautiful things in life. Don't know that I'd want to be a kid again, but sometimes it seems as if life was better then. Take care

Noorain Nizami's picture

heyy i looove this poeem its like miine buut its waay waaay more descriptive and better i liked it alot thanx for sharing k well i gtg byyye YoUr LiL FrIeNd, *~*NooRaiN*~* ps.write back asap

Yvonne coffey's picture

hi, thanx for reading my poems. I read some of your poems , including this one and they are very good. this one is really cute. It proves how innocent children are and how parents often wonder what kids are thinking when they act. Thanx for the chance to read it. keep up the good work Bye Yvonne Coffey

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Roz's picture

Hi Renee apology for not reading your poetry lately. I have not been online much and haven't had a chance to either. I loved this poem heaps. Reminds me of my childhood as well. How soon we forget what it is like to be a kid again. We could all certainly learn alot from children. A great read and thanks. Roz.... Have a nice day :)