I have a new friend and a nice one,

He's into the wrestling scene.

He sent me his pic last night,

And in it he looks quite mean.

He wrestles up in New England,

And he goes by the name BadNews.

Although he seems nice to me,

I bet in the ring you'd lose.

Not that it is any of your business,

I bet that you are wondering how we met.

To me it's an intresting story,

Because you see it was over the net.

He read one of my poems there

And emailed me straight away.

I'd hit the nail on the head

And that made me have a great day.

Let's think about our lives for a moment.

Let's stop and think about all this,

I work in a machine shop California

And you live in wrestling bliss.

So here's to you Mr. BadNews,

You are maybe a true blue friend.

My wish to you is much happiness

May we always write then hit send.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about a guy that liked one of my wrestling poems.... the Owen poem.... so i wrote this for him...

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Didi Menendez's picture

You have developed a style writing about your friends. This is sweet. didi

owlcrkbrg's picture

"...write then hit send." Love it. thx

"There is no good writing, only good editing."

Sickpoet's picture

I see you have joined the wonderful world of friendship on the web? Friendship means love to me and the love I get from my friends around the world makes me feel so happy. Having a loving friend is a very good feeling and decidating a poem to someone is nice as well. You know how to write good stuff and you keep this up I will always give you a good comment

Deceptive Wayz's picture

I'm not that good at critiqing but I have to say you write great poems Renee'. The way you can write about anything is just very admirable and commendable. Keep up the great work!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Wow! You do have such talent. You manage to be able to put pen to paper on any subject. I have yet to come to that one! I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Have a nice day :) Roz

Anonymous's picture

thank you for the kind words.... they mean so much to me.... it is nice to know that others like what i write.... thank you again.... Renee'

Mel's picture

hey1.......i like this one....esp the last stanza. how lovely 2 lives can be drawn closer by a poem on common topics....and more so if they click to each other. Smilesz...the death of one brings closer, the bond for two.