I have some dear friends just back from vacation

waiting to here I stood with anticipation.

They walked in with big old smiles from ear to ear

talked about the good time except for running out of beer.

When off for much needed fun and a time to remember

never go off in a junker and check your air pressure.

They had to share with me this very sound advice

only because they had the dreaded problem a flat tire in paradise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another of Tim's titles.... and my words..... hope you enjoy.....

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Carla Mobley's picture

Party on!

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee A piece that would make anyone smile. I bet we all have been in the predicament at one time or another. Great read. Roz :)

eltrue's picture

Renee that is such a great little poem it made me smile...ha ha...it's happened to me before and you know, nothing can ruin the fun of paradise faster than a flat tire....really enjoyed!!

People don't run out of dreams they just run out of time.

Deborah E Russell's picture

Hey Renee' you and Tim got it going on and we, the lucky ones get to sit back and watch it play by play... Good one! Makes me play some Jimmy Buffett in the back of my mind....

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' I am enjoying this title thing..between you and Tim, I am getting to read some very interesting poems and titles...LOL Takes creativity for both..like some of the titles you have given him, too. What about giving him a crazy title like... Oh, Shit! I could see him writing that and cussing me at same time LOL You are both way too cool. Who's idea was this title thing? It is a great one!