Career politician

Do i care of course not
I wouldnt even know if you rot
Now vote you retard
For your vote i lie very hard
You want education
Ill give you a vacation
Get back to your station

You are a fool if you think you have a choice
Now vote for me ill be your voice
I have a big house car a suit
Now get in line or ill make you mute

I sneer with a smile
And fool you for while
Draw you in with my bile
Im your freind who will serve and protect
But from humanity im disconnect

Ill cut the deficit
It will be to your benefit
Ill tax hard cut hard
Even make getting help hard

Equality is my facism
My Green's the new red
My Freedom is your slavery
Your kids are my martyrs
Im your buddy in a suit

At lies im a magician
The law is my weapon
Satan my companion
You know me alright
Im a career poltician

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Always makes me think of

Always makes me think of this...