Possible Cohabitation (2020 Version)

I see it in the mornings

when we hate each other's breathings

and yet still drown ourselves in kisses

I see it when you come sit near me

our eyes glancing on the daylight

here in our hideout in the East Side, 

We could stay like this forever, dear


I see it on the 9 a.m. alarms

when we wake up in each other's arms

and stay a little longer for each other's warmth

It's as if the universe stops for us

to have moments like this last

and I knew right there and there

All is possible like us forever, dear


And I see it in the evenings

when we walk side to side

Under the bright city street lights, 

you hold my hand, I hold on tight

It's as if the world is no match for us, 

all my doubts have turned to dust

Walking in to an upside down house

my heart strung high when you said your vows

I see myself kneel down and pray

In a golden church built in a newfound grace

There goes my long lost faith 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one when I was single.

Januarian's picture

Beautiful love poem!  Not

Beautiful love poem!  Not sure I understand the last three lines, but I do applaud the overall effect. Well done!


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