All Our Tomorrows


All Our Tomorrows


now see.
For those who lie where they are fallen.

are their hopes,
their dreams.

thoughts keep them alive.
To die alone far from home,
no loved one’s near.

feel their pain,
now live their anguish.

We knew them all.

Speak no ill of the dead.

Fool, or

I knew them all ,
and all knew me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are no clear guidelines for what heroes should look like.
I believe given the opportunity we could all be heroes.

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Keely Graves's picture

True we don't know what our heroes look like. I wish i knew if i was one, i want to make a difference in the world.

Trefor Morgan's picture

Wow !!!
This is so much better than all those pundits on the tele.

Carla Mobley's picture

This simplicity in this poem was very appealing. Your voice is also strong and I liked the tone of this piece. Scholar or pisshead just made the whole poem work somehow by lightening up the tone. Good stuff!

Kristine Snow's picture

Sorry. AND those who lived for us! Kris

Kristine Snow's picture

Now I really think this one is good. I love what you are saying, the emotions you are sending out. I agree, anyone can be a hero. Without looking like Superman! And we must remember all those who died for us. Kris