18 years old

with few real job prospects

the pickings are slim


So you end up as a stock boy at a Woolworths in a suburban mall.  A manager grossly underpaid can’t seem to understand your apathy.  You can line the shelves with cheap goods for cheap customers.  You hustle back into the stock room to find the latest model that the customer insists is better than the older model.  Sometimes you schlep a TV or end table out to some old lady’s car.  It’s all so endlessly boring and without reward.  The anal retentive cashiers and managers list pointless tasks in tedium. It’s so degrading, I don’t even get to be a stock man.  I get tagged as stock boy.


And yet they wonder

the need for amyl nitrates

and ganja at lunch



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Good Titles

An american's journey - like the luncheons :D




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the sad but true

the sad but true misadventures of a young American lad