We can send messages to each other and try to keep in touch.  Of course, we don’t always get the messages right away.  I was intrigued when I learned that social media gives you the option to mark a message as unread.  Talk about a pointless feature.  Why would I want to hide reading something?  The only purpose of this feature is to promote dishonesty.  If you don’t want to speak or communicate with the person, tell them.  If you forgot to get back to them right away because you were busy, own it.  Shit happens.  It’s the height of douchebaggery to pretend you didn’t see something.  This wussy ghosting shit needs to be shamed into oblivion.  Be honest.  If you weren’t in the mood that day or the timing was inconvenient, get back to them later.  The deceit doesn’t benefit anyone.


Feigning ignorance

Monkey didn’t see or hear

Wisdom never found



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I Still Write Letters


Once in a rare while, my media of choice for old acquaintences. Time to send xmas art cards. Ah Lock-down. 






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I used to like writing

I used to like writing letters.  I even liked writing actual letters but sending through email.  It is a lost art