Yellow tape and a sign declaring the exhibit is temporarily closed until further notice.  I feel frustrated that I won’t get my cheap thrill—looking at something I don’t really want or need to see.  So the bride is stripped bare by her bachelor but we can’t peep.  Étant donnés.  Revert the fountain to original use.  Secure cherry trees against hares.  The fractured glass won’t create a prism and self-doubt leads us to another room.


Duchamp’s peephole closed

temporarily closed off

inconvenient sign


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Duchamp's peeplhole temporarily closed at the reopening of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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closed, pressure: no boyfriend: I do not agree!



I saw the writing is similar to a poem. I am looking at other day when "art"?. I visually thought a "cannibal"? ( Conrad?) the novel/ book was ok? I read the book ( "Conrad"? ) a "little"? It was full of "archetypes" thinking this novel/book about the novel/book for years to come?. ( "The lightness of Being": a novel/book about the literary: litrature? it is good?). "The terms, jargons and "narrative" is "good"?, "the setting too"?. ( "Clamped": the stories, structure, "existentionlist". Meta physics? ("God Is Dead":) Nietsche. 


After years of studying in Europe:


I am writing and seeing movies. The moving pictures of the "vaudeville". Years of talking to a Manager: a family of musicians?. The day when I was modelling for a magazine I thinking ok I will resign "from"? this job.


Anonymous: I am anonymous? "they"? say that sometimes to "me"?.

Reverse my position on Somali men. Because my Partner, not Silent Partner who is a "Craker"? is not very happy all the time. 

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A Museum Opened?

DIA is still closed. They'll probably close off my modern art section when they open. We will see ~S~



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most museums in Philly are

most museums in Philly are open but with very limited capacity.  You can actually look at the artwork without the crowds.  Although you still occasionally get the numbnuts that has to stand 3 feet in front of a painting and stare at it for 90 minutes.