Sometimes you have to make the best of a situation and find ways to entertain yourself and enjoy life.  This happens a lot when you travel.  Things are bound to happen.  On a trip to Costa Rica many moons ago, I had a seven hour layover in Panama City, Panama.  The layover was from around midnight to 7:00am.


slip through customs

taxicab to the city

find a place to drink


Riding the cab along the shoreline and seeing all the construction and high rises being erected.  A lot of money is being invested in this city.  Panamanians joke that Panama City is just like Miami except more people speak English.


I ended up finding a TGIF that was open.  For some reason TGIFs in other countries don’t suck.  There was loud music playing and Balboa beers flowing.



mujeres latinas bailando

en el bar por alguna razón.


I was wearing a Phillies cap as this was a couple weeks after the Phillies won the World Series.  Carlos Ruiz, Phillies catcher is from Panama so the cap drew some positive attention.  I was just enjoying the beer, the music, some ropa vieja and the vibe.  A lot of young ladies kind enough to flirt with an old man made me smile.  I danced awkwardly and can only hope they were laughing with me and not at me.


Chicas hermosa

sweetly directing the dance

late night passages


Suffice to say, I was exhausted when I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica later that morning.




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making the most of an awkward situation

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Travelogue Verses

I will have seen the bars if Earth ~S~



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and the chicas dancing on

and the chicas dancing on them, too.