It’s hard to explain

the rubes asking dumb questions

they don’t understand


the lyrics are dark and brooding

twisted humor in sharp form


It really is hard to explain Tom Waits to the uninitiated. There’s an inexorable amount of faith implicit in such an effort.  It’s like trying to explain the likeliness of the phone ringing when you’re about to masturbate.  The callers always wait until you have the lotion on your hand.


No one will give you a straight answer when you try to ply for information so you end up settling for drowning yourself in the clichéd whiskey and beer and it’s no fun to deteriorate without an audience.


Everybody wants a pity party when they befall some bad luck and disorganization enters into their realm of existence and I find quite a few of them are just not able to rise above the funk and I don’t want it to seem like I was scratching my ass when I wrote this prosetry.


I never could tell what one person meant or another one said.  It always got too complex for me.  I’m like the befuddled onlooker waiting for the Duke to mow down the bad guys and save the day—even with a bullet lodged in his shoulder


I’m ending up stuck

inside a poem from which

I can not escape.

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Tom Waits

Looked him up. Did not recognize one movie or song. Enigmas often remain enigmas. Liked lots the last 3 lines. ~S~



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Rod Stewart does a great

Rod Stewart does a great cover of Downtown Train.  Bruce Springsteen covers Jersy Girl.  His song Innocent When You Dream was featured in a Harvey Keitel flick called Smoke