Wow, when they said no more pick up B-ball on the playground court, they really meant business.  No more one on one.  No more three on three.  Not even an innocent game of horse.  Where’s Daryl Dawkins when you need him?  A little chocolate thunder would go a long way right about now.  Bouncing the ball on black asphalt among friends is no longer kosher. 


Windows boarded up

even the hoops victimized

by pandemic curse.


No more double doink buckets

as brick is replaced with wood




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Will eventually resume in public parts. No contact sports for a while. Maybe by September. ~S~



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It's horrible.  And I mean 

It's horrible.  And I mean  the pick up games.  They boarded up the hoops at this small park in Croydon Acres, PA.  They've taken the rims off of many backboards in the city.  We need this more than the professional sports.