It was a really bizarre weekend; one of those weird just can’t explain it ones.  I hit the Yellowman show at the TLA but couldn’t retain my copy of the City Paper.

A pretty young lady came and took it from me.  We made eye contact, smiled and then walked off and goes to another guy.  She leaves me there thinking of a euphemism for a female dog.  I lose my City Paper for another guy.

So I retrieve another copy in the lobby but I flirt a little with another young lady.  She walks off with the copy of the paper while I’m ordering a beer.

City Paper nicked

unrelenting tavern life

glory unfulfilled

I go home to think about but not brood all too much.  The next day I go to see God Street Wine and a young lady offers me a toke off her bowl.  The catch is that she needs me lighter.  I have one so I offer it over. 

Sadly a security guard catches her in the act.  He confiscates the bowl and chases her away.  She disappears still holding my lighter.  I don’t see her for the remainder of the show.

A weekend from Hell

City papers and lighers poached

and go home alone

There’s a poem in there somewhere but I’ll be damned if I can find it.



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Sorry 4 your losses

Definitely prose!




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It was a nice ordinary Bic

It was a nice ordinary Bic lighter.