The clown passionately seeks the answers to all the delusions of modern life.  Dead to the world, he resumes his plight of utter destitution.  Who is to say what is right or what is wrong?  In rancid conditions, he paints the face rose colours and leaves a dash of blue for a single tear.  Sad eyed mystic with the quick wit waiting for innocent prey.  He is lost to all the politically correct causes and must hobo the streets of Manhattan in a self-deluded stupor.  What is going on? (or does Marvin Gaye have the copyright to that question?)


Answers are slow in coming.  Some suggest that they may never come.  Praise be to Allah or Buddha or Jesus!  They may already be here for us to find.  If we search hard enough between the sadism and the narcissism we just might get lucky.  But there’s still that same old clown down on skid row with his bottle of burgundy wine.  Vinnie Van, please paint his picture.  It may be a clue.  Or it may be the beginning of the end.  We had better take heed either way.



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I feel

I feel summoned everytime I read or hear the word clown

Copyright © morningglory

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hopefully the good kind like

hopefully the good kind like at circuses and not the bad kind like in Washington D.C.

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It Is A Clue

It can't end NOW! I Read once that you can't copyright a title. Hmmm...



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It will continue--at least I

It will continue--at least I hope so